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In either scenario, Cooper’s inquisitive, earnest approach feels tinged with a certain world-weariness — a savvy combination of birthright and experience that has propelled the 49-year-old New York native to the highest levels of his industry. “A lot of people come up and say, ‘I’d love to go out for a drink with you,’ ” Cooper said over the phone from New York City last week.

“And that’s really what this show is: a peek behind culture and world events. It’s an entertaining night of stories from two people who have covered the world, from presidential debates to behind-the-scenes of the ‘Real Housewives.’ ” The other person on stage with Cooper during his “AC²” shows is Andy Cohen, his longtime friend and an Emmy-winner himself who hosts a late-night Bravo talk show, produces marquee reality TV series and, like Cooper, is prominently and openly gay. 11 Buell Theatre stop of his “AC²: Deep Talk and Shallow Tales” tour.

They will be joined by 120 guests as Ciara walks down the aisle in a traditional-style dress by Orlaith Carroll.

We show videos — things we never show on TV — and try to surprise each other with new material because we know each other’s stories so well.

We like to top each other: “What stories can I get Andy to tell, and how far can he go?

He’s been obsessed with pop culture and celebrity and fame, and so it’s amazing that what he does now is what he’s always dreamed of doing.

He likes to program a party like he programs a TV show.

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"The two talked about Cooper's coverage of Hurricane Katrina, where Cooper gave his infamous interview lashing out Mary Landrieu.

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