Benefits of dating a nurse

Nurses are trained to communicate therapeutically and they know how to be a good listener.“Unbelievably, my wife could sense if I had a bad day at work.As old folks say, marry a nurse and it will be like winning a lottery. There are twelve fantastic reasons why marrying a nurse is like hitting the jackpot. Providing care to others is the center of the nursing profession.Needless to say, this is the first reason why nurses make great partners.Sometimes looking at a person’s choice of career can help determine many aspects of that person’s personality and lifestyle.Nursing is one career choice that is a good indication that a woman –or man— is caring, healthy and well-educated.

Nurses spend long hours on the job, perform difficult tasks while at work and see life and death situations every day.

She would sit down and persuade me to talk about what was bothering me.

She would listen to my whines without interruption and after, her simple words never fail to comfort me.

I hate to say this as a man but she always offers a sturdy shoulder I could lean on in times of hardships.”“After throwing a mini-tantrum after my husband made me wait for two hours, he just smiled and calmly told me that he had to work overtime.

He explained how he had to help with an ongoing code in his unit.

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A person who is lucky enough to date a nurse generally finds himself or herself blessed in many ways.

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