Body language double your dating torrent

We challenge them to any game which is a little physical.

Even Pool or Darts because at least we’re moving around.

We also get emotional trying to solve them IF we’re interested in the answer.

Challenge five above (showing just enough of the right interest) is that much more important to creating mystery which like the rest, when everything used together, the challenge becomes that much more effective.

How to Get a Girl to Like You – The 3 Laws of Attracting Women – by Carlos Xuma. This challenge to her becomes more than just a want – it becomes a desire to figure you out which often leads to her frustration and then leads her to a sexual emotion.

Quiet board games get boring and dumb little trivial questions must be spared.

It’s not a battle to see who can remember something.

If we want to challenge her we MUST show some level of interest.

Easy to do when we’re really “into” her so be careful not to lay it on too thick.

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