Consolidating your itunes library

If the problem is only moving everything inside the i Tunes folder to the external drive, a simple cut and paste would solve it. Nobody wants to re-fill hundreds (or thousands) of song information, re-assign all the ratings, re-paste all lyrics and re-hunt for the cover art.

The only thing that should be different after the move is the location.

Another point to remember: Even though the multimedia files are in the external drive, i Tunes stores the information about them in the i Tunes Library file in your local hard drive. With a larger empty space in your laptop’s internal hard drive, you are convinced that moving your multimedia collection out was a good idea.

But you also realize that bringing an external hard drive everywhere you go is a bit impractical.

There are lots of tools to help you delete duplicates, rename your files and update your artwork - but most clean-up tasks can be achieved within i Tunes without much hassle.

Because everyone's digital music collection is a mess!

In the end, I picked the easiest and most obvious way: the i Tunes way.

Rebuild Your library This penultimate step will fully rebuild your i Tunes library - but do make sure your fixed back-up from the previous step is complete.

Here's why: you'll have to shut down i Tunes and delete the original old music files in your i Tunes Music folder.

i Tunes will import the files and rebuild your library.9.

Update your album artworki Tunes should recognise your albums and update your cover artwork automatically.

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By default Windows users will find i Tunes Music in \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Music2.

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