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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" alum Claudia Jordan confirmed they are a couple on Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss' Allegedly podcast.

Jordan, who called Foxx "a good friend," said the Oscar winner is smitten with the actress. I like that he seems very happy." Jamie Foxx's kid seems at "Holmes" with Katie The pair has been dodging the rumor mill for quite a while.

Over frozen yogurt, he tries his best to explain where he’ll be for the next eight years. Though their trip is for one night, Cynthia’s packing for two.

“What happens when Ayden does something that upsets mommy? She brings a few extra dresses for Claudia since there will be plenty of single men at the party.

“But, we’re not really friends, so I could if I wanted to.” Kenya, Cynthia and Peter leave Claudia and Kordell alone, and they continue chatting and flirting. ” While they’re driving, Cynthia calls Phaedra to see if she’ll be joining them. It turns out that he’s friends with more than one person in the group, though: he’s known Claudia for 15 years!Phaedra politely declines because of a dentist appointment and Bible study…but Kenya hangs up on Phaedra mid-conversation! The two were more than happy to catch up with each other.she pretty much has an opinion about all things Trump.Claudia was leaving Tao Friday night when she talked Jared Kushner, Russia, NATO, Hillary and… saying she's only capable of being herself because "portraying anything else, would not be genuine nor honest." And…

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READ MORE Claudia Jordan wants Planned Parenthood to remain alive and strong, in case Casey Anthony makes good on her veiled wish to have more kids.

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