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That's when it goes full speed in front of the crowd, with all bells and whistles going.

Fans take pictures, video; some record the sound, others just look.

The purpose of the fantrip was to have a ride on a line before the rail was torn up.

Fort Coulonge is named after Nicholas d'Ailleboust, Sieur de Coulonge, who formed a settlement near there in 1694-95.

The same trip is still done by VIA but the rails now end at Jonquière, about 10 kilometres (16 miles) short of Chicoutimi. Roberval Saguenay and RS3 locomotive cross a concrete bridge over a small set of falls, near Chicoutimi QC (now Saguenay) in the late 70s, outbound with aluminum ore (bauxite) from their dock at Grande Baie (Port Alfred) to the smelter at Arvida on one of their frequent runs.

Note the very heavy and reinforced bridge abutment. The old bridge in the foreground might have been constructed as early as 1909, when the Ha! Bay Railway Company was formed; the ancestor of the present Roberval Saguenay Railway originally carried steam locomotives and possibly linked by rail with another bridge (featured on this page) in the Chicoutimi Basin, where a pulp mill operated , ferrying pulp from the Chicoutimi mill to La Baie, about 20 miles away, using among others 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive 15, featured at In 1925, Alcan opened an aluminum plant in the area, purchased the RSR and extended the track from Arvida (now Saguenay) to the deep water port at La Baie, now transporting bauxite ore.

Visible in the background is the Pont de Québec /Quebec Bridge (combined road/rail bridge) and Pont Pierre Laporte (the white pillars), a vehicle bridge.

The Cap Rouge Trestle (translated to Red Cape [as for marine geography], is the main attraction in the area which dates back to 1635. Built in 1907-1908 with the participation of Gustave Eiffel, the structure was constructed by the National Transcontinental Railway (NTR), to link Winnipeg, Manitoba to Moncton, New Brunswick.

It eventually became a Hudson's Bay trading post on the Ottawa River and most of the area was developed in the mid-1800s, including the bridge, which was installed in 1887.

At one time, Fort Coulonge was the site of a large sawmill, due to the large amount of forest around and gave rise to folk tales about those famous Canadian lumberjacks, kept alive at the nearby Chute Coulonge (Coulonge Falls)

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Situated in the Mauricie area of Quebec close to Shawinigan, the trestle still supports between 5 to 10 trains a day (mostly freight but some VIA) between Montreal and the Saguenay/Lac St-Jean or Abitibi regions through the Garneau Yard (Triage Garneau).

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