Dating traditional mongols

From the early 1930s, there were attempts to switch from Mongolian to Latin script, but these early attempts met with strong opposition.

However, in the latter half of the decade circumstances changed as continued use of Mongolian script was denounced as “nationalist” in the wake of Stalin’s Great Terror.

But from the end of the decade the Sino-Soviet split came to a head and cast a pall over this movement, which eventually sputtered and died.

During the perestroika period, Moscow’s grip loosened.

Clearly, there had been some kind of pressure exerted by Moscow.

In the 1950s, linguistically-divided Chinese Inner Mongolia also began to consider adopting Cyrillic.

In the face of harsh economic reality, the budget couldn’t stretch to train teachers and educate students in the vertical Mongolian script.

– Writing systems divided by national borders As a result, while the state of Mongolia and Chinese Inner Mongolia speak almost the same language, it is written in totally different ways in each country.

I mean, English with its Latin alphabet only consists of 26 letters.In September 1992, education began in Mongolian script from the first year of primary school.Unfortunately, when these children reached third year, Cyrillic was adopted once more.▼ Phagspa script In 1368 the Yuan dynasty collapsed, and as the Mongols retreated to the steppes, this writing system soon fell out of use and was replaced by traditional Mongolian script once more.The reason Phagspa disappeared so quickly could have been its privileged existence as a faithful representation of the language of the imperial court—it didn’t reflect how ordinary people spoke.

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