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”, and having it be a given that you two are going to hang out.2.

what are the defining differences, in your mind, between casual and serious relationships? there is almost a stigma attached to being in a non-serious relationship on ls, with all the he's just not that into you crap behind it. Casual is either a friend-with-benefits type situation, or it's the early stages of a more serious romantic relationships. Serious relationships are exclusive, dedicated, and generally very loving, where the primary motivating factors are not sex or ego gratification. so what about the relationship in which i love you, miss you is said, they talk daily, friends know you are dating ... the guy doesn't want to bring his daughter around, but is content to see the woman with and without her child ... Broadly speaking, the relationship is "casual" if the man gets to define its parameters, and "serious" is the woman gets to define them. A serious relationship is an exclusive relationship where both partners are a priority for each other.

i know what i think, which is that many people, especially here, are too eager to get too serious too soon! Friends-with-benefits/sex buddies are either friendships (usually not all that deep or serious) that occasionally (or frequently) involve some degree of sexual activity, or it's absolutely strictly non-Platonic. The is the part where an old fashioned conversation is needed. But more often than not, this is how it breaks down.

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