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We have an example of change over time, rather nice evidence of evolution.

The response to this was to spout off irrelevant (and invented) radiocarbon inconsistencies and not bother to look up what the differences in anatomy were.

Based in St Petersburg, Russia, Dima Shiryaev’s Tumblr holds a deluge of great poster work.

Created for club nights, parties, exhibitions and general experiments, the designer’s style is diverse, which lends itself well to the singular, one-hit nature of posters.

Pewe, Quaternary Stratigraphic Nomenclature in Unglaciated Central Alaska, Geological Survey Professional Paper 862 (U. The direct quote is a invented, the figures are false and the mammoth itself wasn’t even found when the source was published. “The lower leg of the Fairbanks Creek mammoth had a radiocarbon age of 15,380 RCY (radio carbon years), while its skin and flesh were 21,300 RCY.” Harold E.

Anthony, “Natures Deep Freeze,” Natural History, Sept. 300Now, I haven’t been able to track down the original source for this so can’t say for sure whether the source does make this claim.

A cataclysmic event on the order of the Noahic worldwide flood would have had to have been responsible for these giants frozen instantly, intact and well preserved.It’s a site that pumps out creationist commentary at such a rate that there’s already enough there to keep me occupied for many moons.So we can ill afford to stand around with lengthy introductions and instead must dive straight into one of the more egregious posts: “Mammoths have been used quite frequently to promote the idea of evolution theory and old habits die hard among theorists.Prefacing astrology with “high-tech” doesn’t make it any more valid; nor would it render a true conclusion false.This section is intended to cast doubt on the reliability of the scans being used.

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