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It's my first imagine and I have a tendency to go off topic.I listened to She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) by David Guetta and Sia whilst writing some of this, and it kinda fits.Alpha demon Dean is in college with his omega demon brother Sam.Sam gets invited to a party at the legendary night club Paradise and his brother comes with him.

You soon reached the boy's hotel, and, to your surprise and relief, Dean's '67 Chevy Impala was in the car park. You still couldn't believe that Sam was cheating on you. However angry you were, the sadness that tore through you heart was overpowering. The look of pure guilt on his face was enough to make you heart melt, but you knew you shouldn't forgive him after what he had just done. "And why would I do that." "Ruby kissed me," Sam said slowly. "I love you too, (y/f/n)," he replied, pressing his lips to yours. I hope you enjoyed, and please, don't forget to request and please vote! – Sam Winchester, 4.04 Metamorphosis Sam, and Dean's, middle name (if they have one) is unknown.Initially they only occur when he's sleeping (through dreams), but by 1.14 Nightmare they occur when Sam is awake."(y/n)..." he began, but you didn't let him finish. -Third Person POV- Sam turned to the woman, his nostrils flared and his eyes full of anger. Sam hasn't really had a friend since he stopped talking, his brother Dean has always been there for him but he's not enough to make him want to keep living.

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Dean can't seem to get enough of the small alpha that is Gabriel while Sam tries his best to avoid the Alpha of his dreams.

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