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Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) is an 18-year-old high school senior living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his parents Kevin (Jason Isaacs) and Mara (Maria Bello).He has troubles from recurring nightmares and has been seeing psychiatrist Dr.It was five months in Baton Rouge, and then two months in Vancouver. We have a lot of fun with it and I enjoyed both of the cities we were in. Do you feel like you need to take a break at all, or do you feel like you should keep the momentum going by just diving right into something else? LAUTNER: It was very exciting that I got to use it, for the first time in a movie. It’s such a great work-out because my sessions were an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half, but by the end of it, you barely even realize you worked out that hard and you are just dripping wet. I was so excited about that one, and that one definitely took a lot of negotiating to allow me to do it, with the producers and the insurance, and all of that stuff. Now, she’s taken off, and going off and doing other things. Besides the stadium, she’s with me the entire time. That’s why this movie was such a dream come true for me. It is different because it’s all choreographed, but it was exciting. I wanted to make sure that, when I showed up to Pittsburgh to film, I actually looked like I knew what I was doing. I don’t even think I worked that hard in two-a-days when I was doing football in high school. But, I think they took it a little light on me because they knew I might need that face, in a couple of months. LAUTNER: Well, the scary thing is that I didn’t find any of them scary. At first, it was, “No, you’re absolutely not doing that! It was just a matter of time before she was discovered. It’s my production company’s first movie, and being able to be involved from the ground up, in developing the story and creating the characters and the journey that they go on. Was there a movie that inspired you to be an actor? There are a few actors, like Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Leonardo [Di Caprio]. They’ve definitely inspired me, since I was very young. How did you deal with all the extra responsibility? I wasn’t thinking about it while we were making the movie. They come out to the premiere and see the movie, but they still razz me. I love it, but now I am definitely looking forward to doing something completely different. What are your thoughts on this turning into some sort of teen Bourne franchise? Over the past year, I’ve only been home for five weeks, but I’m definitely very close with my family. It gets lonely on set, or when you are traveling, so it’s always great to have somebody with you. We were all so passionate about this movie that we gave it our all. She wanted to do everything as well, and I was like the insurance going, “I don’t know if you should do that.” Is there other stuff you want to do in the film business?But, we’re not going to see you doing a musical or anything, right? LAUTNER: I guess it could make sense, but I try and not think about it. Are you still living at home, or are you going to buy your own place soon? Were you a fan of John Singleton, before you got involved in this? LAUTNER: Yes, I was definitely familiar with his work and knew he was very talented. I think that’s the biggest thing everybody brought to it. Do you have any desire to direct or write something for yourself? I’m definitely loving what I’m doing right now, and that’s what I’m focusing on. I’m sure [there would be], if they were in the entertainment industry, but no, definitely not.

Targeted by a team of trained killers, he is forced to go on the run with his neighbor Karen (Lily Collins), who he’s been wanting to ask out for years.Kevin is also killed, but not before subduing one agent, as well as yelling for Nathan to run.Nathan runs but returns for Karen, who is now captured by the remaining agent.There were girls camped out every day on the set in Pittsburgh, just to get a glimpse of you? One time, we were actually there for a week, filming in this random city called Sutersville, and it had a population of 600 people. I would pretty much take pictures with all of them. We tried to do it fast, but doing it fast for 800 people is still an hour. I don’t have somebody coming and shoving food down my throat, every five minutes. LAUTNER: In the very first place, it was this character’s journey. Where you see yourself two years from now, after all of the stuff is done? But, my goal is to continue to challenge myself to a wide variety of roles and genres. I think the biggest thing he brought was just passion.One night, we had over 800 girls on set, so there were definitely a few people driving in from different cities. Just hearing the idea of the script, and where the character starts and where he ends, and everything he deals with, I knew it would be exciting and challenging for me, as an actor. Another thing that attracted me to this was that it was different than anything I had ever done before, and I had a great experience with it. If people enjoy it and I love it, then I’m definitely open to the idea. That’s the biggest think that everybody brought to this movie – the entire cast, the crew and him.

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