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“We have no legal reason to talk to anybody about cameras on private property,” Chuck Watts said.“Shedding light on what’s really going on,” said Chuck Watts, the son of the owner.“It’s one thing to read about it and hear about it, it’s another thing when you actually see it.” Gary Watts plans to add a high-resolution camera with the capability to zoom in on the street scene. “It’s good enough that you can count freckles on people’s face,” Watts said.A fake number will work for sites that store credit card information to either charge you later or ask you to upgrade.For sites that ask for an upfront fee or have an automatic charge sometime down the line (Hulu Plus, Netflix, Spotify), this won't work since they ask for more than just a credit card number for validation.

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You can generate and validate credit card numbers directly from the app, making it easy to use on the go as well.

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