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ITST_ITEM_TIDE_CODE; select * INTO v_qty from V_AD_ON_HAND where ITST_ITEM_TIDE_CODE = :new. NEW_ON_HAND); END; / I'm trying to keep it to a single record per TIDE_CODE in the new table.ITST_ITEM_TIDE_CODE; insert into gb_transaction(gb_tide, gb_isbn, gb_used_on_hand, gb_new_on_hand) values(:new. V_AD_ON_HAND is a view that pulls an inventory count.So the reporting table should be like this: --------------------------------------------- | PK | Name | Address | Postal Code | --------------------------------------------- | 2 | | | 44444 | | 3 | | Dtreet7 | | --------------------------------------------- CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER vr_reporting_trigger AFTER UPDATE ON orig_tab FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF inserting THEN INSERT INTO rep_tab(pk, name, address, code) SELECT,, :new.address, :new,code FROM DUAL WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM rep_tab WHERE pk =; UPDATE rep_tab t SET =, t.address = :new.address, = :WHERE =; ELSIF updating THEN IF ::THEN UPDATE rep_tab t SET =, t.address = :new.address, =: WHERE = :; END IF; MERGE INTO rep_tab d USING DUAL ON (= WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET =, d.address = :new.address, =: WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (,, d.address, d.code) VALUES (,, new.address, new.code); END IF; END; --------------------------------------------- | PK | Name | Address | Postal Code | --------------------------------------------- | 2 | BB | Street2 | 44444 | | 3 | CC | Dtreet7 | 33333 | --------------------------------------------- In an UPDATE trigger, a column name can be specified with an UPDATING conditional predicate to determine if the named column is being updated.CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER gb_qty_change AFTER UPDATE OR INSERT OR DELETE ON F_ITEM_STORE FOR EACH ROW DECLARE v_qty V_AD_ON_HAND%rowtype; v_isbn TD_ITEM_DESCRIPTION.TD_IDENTIFIER%type; BEGIN IF INSERTING or UPDATING then ... do something similar with the :old values for the deleting case end if; END; / Incidentally, it is generally helpfull if you tell us WHAT the error is, not just that you had one.I'm coding a Trigger to ensure only one type of money can be set as official.

Triggers can be: Trigger names must be unique with respect to other triggers in the same schema.

gb_transaction is my new table where I'm logging these events Comparing it to other peoples code it looks like it should run but I'm getting "Warning: Trigger created with compilation errors." Assuming you are using SQL*Plus, when you get a warning that your trigger (or any other PL/SQL block) has compilation errors, you can type "SHOW ERRORS" at the SQL prompt to get a list of the compilation errors. The problem, I believe is with the :new designations for a delete trigger.

There is, after all, no NEW value as the record is expunged. if you section the trigger by operation, you can do this.

You might omit this clause if you just want to record the fact that the operation occurred, but not examine the data for each row.

Once the trigger is created, entering the following SQL statement: A trigger is either a stored PL/SQL block or a PL/SQL, C, or Java procedure associated with a table, view, schema, or the database itself.

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I am running into compilation issues with my trigger and am having trouble understanding how to create a trigger that references a sequence and another table, and insert those values into a log table that I've created.

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