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Kevin explains that this distance provided him space to think about the relationship and make the decision to end it, which was a good thing.“To a certain extent, a man loses himself through connecting with his partner,” Dr. “By feeling her needs, problems, wants, and emotions, he may lose touch with his own sense of self.

Pulling away allows him to reestablish his personal boundaries and fulfill his need to feel autonomous.” Dr.

But, it’s also important to be aware that sometimes men do pull away and don’t come back—like when he realizes he doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore. that he has certainly pulled away from a relationship because he had doubts.

“One reason I have pulled back in the past is because I saw several red flags, and I needed time to process and think about them,” he says.

Isaac explains that feeling the freedom to talk frankly about feelings of uncertainty without fear of repercussion would help make springing back a little easier.

Kevin agrees, explaining that he thinks most mature adults understand that doubts are normal and not necessarily the end of a romantic relationship.

Gray explains,a big part of a man’s urge to pull away is to experience a sense of longing and desire that comes with distance.

“When that happens too quickly, I find that I need to pull back and give myself a reality check.” As Dr.When allowed to pull back, men will naturally return to whatever level of intimacy was there when he stretched away.This is an interesting theory and less discouraging than thinking your guy just doesn’t want to be close.Obviously, not all guys respond this way when faced with their emotions, but a lot of them do.In fact, I asked men why they might pull away emotionally from a relationship, and this is what they said. Gray reassures women in his book that men automatically alternate between intimacy and autonomy.

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“But I just wanted to see if not talking to her would make me miss her.

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