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Itagaki said: "DOA is based on a 'softer' concept, and she is rather symbolic of the game as a whole." She uses a wide range of costumes through the series: several female ninja outfits (her main color scheme was white and red in the original game, and later blue and white), feminine casual clothes to Japanese schoolgirl uniform) and beach bikinis.

Her hair color has varied from blond to auburn to red.

Kasumi has become a popular sex symbol in gaming and one of the iconic video game ninja characters, but also a major source of controversy involving sexualization and underage female characters in video games. I'm older now, but 17-year-old girls are still gorgeous.

Still, I'm not the kind of creator that lets my own tastes overwhelm the game.

The most difficult, and you don't have to ask, is Kasumi. And for such a popular character like Kasumi, to change her form we really needed a lot of courage and it really was a big challenge.

But if we didn't do that, we couldn't make DOA5 and we wouldn't be able to show you anything." According to Game Spy's guide to Dead or Alive Ultimate by Andrew Alfonso, Kasumi's key moves in Dead or Alive 2 include her "famous" high kick and her cartwheel attack, which is "perfect" against low attackers.

First-print copies of Tecmo Koei's Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate (Japanese version of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate) will be bundled with DLC costume codes for Kasumi's special “Orochi” themed costume in DOA5U.

According to Game Spot's guide to DOA4 by Matthew Rorie, Kasumi is "an interesting character for many reasons.Kasumi is a symbol of the DOA franchise and is known to be the personal favourite of Team Ninja's founder and the series' creator Tomonobu Itagaki.She has been the subject of various merchandise and was used to promote the Xbox consoles in Japan.When they were children, Kasumi and Ayane - unaware that they were related - played together as best friends, although the clan saw Ayane as a "cursed child" and didn't want Kasumi to be around her.From childhood, Kasumi has lived a privilaged life full of expensive clothes, servants and the respect of the rest of the Mugen Tenshin clan.

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In the end, she goes home with her brother despite being a runaway shinobi, but has to make a fighting stand against her clan with her new friends in order to be allowed to stay.

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