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There were no wrong things to say here, so I just decided to ask him everything I could.

So he gave me a book of horoscopes and I went to the Nature Trail to meet Shana!

I know how it is; I don't like it when I'm browsing a site and I accidentally trigger an awful flash ad where a big, freakish i Phone starts singing at me.

That's why here on the Let's Play Archive we'll only ever serve up nice banners that behave properly.

Now, this would be "Game Over" so to speak, because I didn't ask her "Shana, do you have something for me? It would be Game Over because I didn't get the hairpin from Shana that I wasn't really aware that I was required to get, of course!

So you're saying you'll let me borrow it as long as I promise to give it back?

We feel we have reached this goal and helped cure more cases of nostalgia than we could have ever imagined.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years - Cool ROM will continue strong.

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and since I'd been dating DB-X the Satan so long, it's my first date in awhile!

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