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Parents need to be careful about giving cash to their child -- and cut off allowances if they confirm drug use.Finally, parents who are very concerned can purchase phones with tracking devices. The tracking device in the phone cannot be turned off once it is activated.

And all acronyms are not bad …in fact many of them represent good things.

Sometimes children are talking to people they don’t know in chat rooms where child predators pose as teenagers or young kids.

Perhaps you might want to pass along some information to readers about other warning signs that their child is using drugs. Now, I find myself able to help other parents -- I am a school teacher, when they have concerns.

The only way the teen can stop the tracking is to turn the phone off -- which they don't do very often.

If a teen is out all night, the parent can at least see where they are.

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But what if we told you that is text code for ecstasy?

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