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As they researched the issue of soda and snack machines in high schools, they found that their presence was all too common.They also found that schools made a lot of money from contracts with soft drink companies – money that paid for extracurricular activities, supplies, and equipment.There are obvious differences in size – many rural schools have fewer than 10 students a class, while some urban and suburban schools in large cities have thousands of students – but the variation doesn’t stop there.Looking at public schools alone, there are comprehensive and specialized high schools; charter schools; technical and trade high schools; magnet schools; alternative schools for students who can’t function in a standard classroom setting; and community-run schools, to mention only a few. While private school policies are subject to change from parents and students as well, they present a different situation.In the hallways on every floor, as well as in the cafeteria, there were vending machines offering soda.Rita Watson was a hospital nutritionist, and her husband, Mel, was an athletic trainer who worked with the football and baseball teams at the local university.

They returned from the conference with a glowing report of their son’s progress, and the beginnings of a plan.

Some, unfortunately, have to be concerned with student violence, and feature metal detectors and police patrols.

Some have strict dress codes – sometimes to the point of requiring uniforms – others have none.

Sometimes their policies, formal or informal, are discriminatory or abusive of students’ rights.

Parents, students, or concerned citizens often find themselves wanting to change school or school system policies…and many do.

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Since then, it has become obvious that the issue of school policy change is far too broad to confine to a single topic.

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