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Curious as to how this can fit into your overall production workflow?Use the results from the State of Email Production report to help benchmark your own process, identifying opportunities for improvement and using this evidence to make a compelling argument for more resources or process streamlining.The W3C has a page with explanations for many errors, which can be helpful.A couple folks have created alternative validator tools that include warnings for HTML and/or CSS elements that aren’t supported by email clients.HTML validators are invaluable tools for people that write code.They can let you know if there are any errors present that might cause display issues and give you some clues for debugging.Errors are generally more critical than warnings, but sometimes errors can be ignored depending on context and usage.Pay close attention to errors stating that a start tag or end tag have been omitted, or when an end tag has not finished.

A common error you might see is “there is no attribute BACKGROUND.” While BACKGROUND is a perfectly valid element for using background images in an email (and the only way to ensure background images display in Gmail), it’s considered a “deprecated” element and thus invalid under certain specifications.Validating HTML for email can be tricky–read on for our how-to guide.One of the most popular validators is the free one maintained by the W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium.You may choose to encode the ampersand, but I usually don’t find that these cause problems.If your messaging platform or ESP uses specialty tags or proprietary scripting, these will also trigger validation warnings that appear as “Element x undefined.” For example, Campaign Monitor uses the tags to indicate where the unsubscribe link should appear in your email.

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