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She tells People.com, "I'm not counting (how long we've been dating) on purpose. TV comedy Parks and Recreation, is equally full of praise for Madsen: "She's an exquisite talent and a timeless beauty.I just want to concentrate on right now." Madsen reveals their relationship initially started out as friends, but she quickly fell in love with the 30 year old, who she claims is "an extraordinary poet". And an extraordinary amount of fun." Madsen was previously married to Danny Huston and has a 17-year-old son, Jack, with ex-boyfriend, actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.

' I said, 'Oh, in three months', because I was going off to make another film. "You know, I'm more confident, more secure, more daring now." In The Number 23, Madsen plays two characters, one a traditional wife and mother, the other a vamp. "I was undergoing a sort of transformation after coming out of a cocoon.

She has been linked with various personalities romantically but none of them were officially hooked with her.

She first married to a man with whom she stayed for a couple of years but her relation with her husband ended up due to some issues.

I decided I would only think about cupcakes and then I wrote down the word 'cupcake'. I got out of a cab and there was a grand opening of a cupcake place.

I turned on CNN and there was a story about how cupcakes are now all the rage.

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